Sunday, 26 January 2014

Appreciating 2013

A lot has happened since completing my studies in 2012… And it’s time to look back and appreciate the opportunities and achievements that have resulted from the hard work I’ve put into launching my jewellery career...
 It was a great honour to receive The Gold and Silversmiths Guild of Australia award for ‘Best Handskills’ in November 2012 at my Graduate exhibition Kaleidoscope

Soon after, my graffiti inspired graduate work 'Wishing You Had A Graffiti Decipher App?' was chosen to be exhibited at the Contemporary Australian Silver & Metalwork Award 2013
I was particularly proud of this achievement as I was one of the 55 artists selected from over 150 applicants to have their work shown at this prestigious exhibition.

'Wishing You Had A Graffiti Decipher App?'
Oxidised Sterling Silver, Diamonds, Heat Coloured Titanium, 24 carat gold leaf fused to acid etched Mild Steel (Keum Boo Process).
 This piece was also chosen to be exhibited at Graduate Metal ’13
another juried survey exhibition of recent graduates work.
‘Wishing you had a graffiti decipher app?’ has travelled not only to these two exhibitions in Australia, it also travelled to China along with another of my Graduate works ‘Stuck on the Train Again’ to be
exhibited in the 2013 Beijing International Jewelry Exhibition

"Stuck On The Train Again"
Oxidised Sterling Silver, Polyester Thread

I was very excited to have my work exhibited overseas, and perhaps even more excited when I was contacted by a woman in Los Angeles, USA, and commissioned to design and make her a stencil art inspired lotus pendant:

"No Mud No Lotus"
Sterling Silver, Titanium.

I was very touched by the video that the customer made when she received my pendant: Instagram Video


Closer to home, another piece of my graduate work ‘Unbound’ was selected to be exhibited at Contemporary Wearables '13 which is due to tour selected galleries throughout Australia during 2014


Sterling Silver, 24 Carat Gold Leaf fused to Acid Etched Mild Steel (Keum Boo Process)
Leather, Aluminium, Nickel plated brass.

Upon peer review I was accepted as a Fellow Member of The Gold and Silversmiths Guild of Australia
I feel very privileged to be part of an organisation that promotes Australian craftsmanship and excellence. I have since volunteered my time as a National Council Member and developed a  Facebook Page for the GSGA to advance the organisations marketing strategy.




Another exciting thing that happened in 2013 was being scouted to showcase my designs at RAW:Natural Born Artists event Translations 

This is a short video of my interview and some highlights from the showcase event:
'Don't Walk Dance' Models performing on the runway wearing my jewellery

Modelling my own jewellery at RAW
 Being asked by up and coming fashion designer Cassandra Pennisi to collaborate on a spring/summer collection launch event Beyond Now + Tactility was a fantastic experience.
'Beyond Now + Tactility' Models either side of me wearing Cassandra Pennisi garments and Emily Becher Jewellery
(I'm the short one)
'Trilliant Pendant' - Tactility Collection
Sterling Silver, Anodised Titanium
'Marquise Pendant' - Tactility Collection
Sterling Silver, Anodised Titanium
'Spin Rings' - Tactility Collection
Oxidised Sterling Silver


'Spin Rings' - Tactility Collection
Oxidised Sterling Silver, 9 carat Yellow Gold

Another great collaborative experience was organising the group exhibition Organic Mechanic with ten other local jewellery artists showing at SJS Gallery in Fitzroy.

Opening launch of 'Organic Mechanic'

Selection of my work developed for 'Organic Mechanic'
Oxidised Sterling Silver
'Track DNA' Pendant
Oxidised Sterling Silver
'Wrong side of the Tracks' Bracelet
Oxidised Sterling Silver
Promotional Image for my 'Organic Mechanic' Collection
Oxidised Sterling Silver, Leather, Synthetic Cord.


Amongst all these events I also exhibited at The Goldsmiths Gallery, Gray Reid Gallery and have work stocked in Lord Coconut, Arbor, Fivefold, Redox, Heavy Metal Jewellers, Artisan Jewellery, Swoon, and Stone Glint & Bone 
The following images are a selection of the work that I have at these stores throughout Australia:

'Chaotic Construction' Necklace - Graduate Collection
Sterling Silver, 9 Carat Yellow Gold
Exhibited at Gray Reid Gallery & The Goldsmiths Gallery as part of the GSGA 'Ring Cycle' Exhibition

'Chaotic Construction' Cage Ring - Graduate Collection
Oxidised Sterling Silver, Pyrite.
Exhibited at Gray Reid Gallery & The Goldsmiths Gallery as part of the GSGA 'Ring Cycle' Exhibition.
'Chaotic Construction' Torque Series - Graduate Collection
Sterling Silver, 9 Carat Yellow Gold

'Chaotic Construction' Rings - Graduate Collection
Oxidised Sterling silver, Pyrite.
'Chaotic Construction' Earrings Series - Graduate Collection
Sterling Silver, Amethyst.

Malachite Necklace
Sterling Silver, Malachite.

Malachite Earrings
Sterling Silver, Malachite.


Hinge Bracelet - Graduate Collection
Oxidised Sterling Silver, Feathers.

'No Place Like Melbourne' - Graduate Collection
Yellow & Rose Gold Plated Sterling Silver, Synthetic Rubies

'No Place Like Melbourne' is one of a three part series of works inspired by the urban art of Melbourne, that includes 'Stuck on the Train Again' & 'Wishing You Had A Graffiti Decipher App?' (Below)

Wednesday, 18 September 2013


Yep... you know it... I know it... terrible blogger!!! I've worked over 40 days straight, most have been 12 to 15 hour days... three jobs... LOTS GOING ON!!! anyway... tomorrow night is TRANSLATIONS. Get yourself a ticket and come along!!!! They will be selling tickets right up until the event, you can get them on the door (cash only) and will cost you $20 or book online now for $15.  

Check out their website to see what it's all about 

But I can promise you it will be an amazing showcase of Melbourne talent that I'm really excited to be a part of.
I'll post video and pics after the show.
Hope to see you there...
best I go get ready!!!

Monday, 8 July 2013

I know... I know... I'm a shocking blogger.... Blame Instagram for it's quick and easy posting ability that can post to a variety of other networks all at once.... on the go... ahhh ingenious....

So anyway, lots has been happening. I went down to the opening of The Contemporary Australian Silver & Metalwork Award 2013 which I have my graffiti piece displayed in. If you get down there to Bendigo while it's on (until the 28th July) I highly recommend The Dispensary Enoteca for a fantastic feed right across the road.

And opening this Friday night in Brisbane is Graduate Metal 13 which I have a piece in too!

I've been hard at work developing a few new ranges, one I just dropped off this afternoon to John McAleer Jeweller in Melton, last month I made a range for FIVEFOLD and the next batches of work will go to Lord Coconut and Arbor. And then it's time to work on a few potential range ideas to pitch to a gallery in the CBD.

The Organic Mechanic team (of which I am included) reached  the Pozible funding target and are moving forward with exhibition and opening launch plans... Here's the Facebook Event , I'd love it if you came along!

Ohhhhhh.... AND... My 'Unbound' piece was recently accepted to be exhibited in the Contemporary Wearables '13 exhibition (for some reason Toowoomba Art Gallery don't regularly update their website... this is the best link I could find for you guys...)
Here's the pics of the piece that Andrew Barcham at Screaming Pixel took for me back in 2012.

so yeah.... please excuse my lack of posting for a while... my hands have been rather busy...

Monday, 6 May 2013

Well it's been a fair while since my last blog... 
I always seem to start my blog posts that way!! sorry... I've been incredibly busy with creating new work, donating new work, sending off applications for various exhibitions and competitions along with joining instagram... now there goes a fair chunk of time!!! haha 

If you're also on instagram then check out my page;
because it's quick and easy it's where most of my recent photographs of work can be found ...

This is a pendant I whipped up the other day for Lord Coconut's upcoming 
group exhibition 
"Indelible - Inspired by Tattoo Art" 
which shows from 23rd May – 8th Jun 2013
I'm planning to play around with this design and make a few different textured versions in the future... but first I have to really concentrate on creating my "Wishing you had a graffiti decipher app?" piece for the Graduate Metal '13 Exhibition The due date is looming... eeek!!!

I also recently sent a collection of work down to The Goldsmiths Gallery for the "Spaced Out" exhibition that's currently showing.

... And I've donated work to the NMIT Jewellery Auction which is on this Wednesday 8th May!!!! Sorry for the late notice...

A couple of months back I created a new range and sent some of my Chaotic Construction works off to Redox Jewellery Studio
I also donated a piece to the Australasian Association Fashion Show to give away as well as lent them some of my work to use as part of the runway show on the night...

So... that's just half of what I've been up to lately... as you can see, there's not much time for blog posts and the next few months ahead look to be getting busier!!! So it might be a while before you hear from me again.

Wish me luck!

Friday, 22 February 2013

Exciting News!!! This piece has been selected to travel to QLD in July to be part of the "Graduate Metal 13" exhibition! 
This coincides with the JMGA Conference Participation and Exchange 2013. For a list of all the successful applicants take a look at their blog.

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Just recently I started my application for Qantas Spirit Of Youth Awards which supports emerging designers. As a jeweller I'm in the Fashion category. Check out My SOYA Profile it has pictures of all my graduate work and a little blurb about my plans for the future.

This piece is titled "Stuck on the Train Again" and yes, you would be correct in assuming the idea came to me whilst stuck on a train. 
They often just stop and sit between stations, it tends to happen a lot on the trip from South Kensington to Flinders street... only three stations away but on occasion has taken me 45 minutes!!!! Rather than get frustrated I try and use the time to take inspiration from my surroundings. This design was born as I stared off into the distance of a North Melbourne laneway and saw the all too familiar sight of shoes thrown over the powerlines.
More designs to come in this range... stay tuned!

Oxidised Sterling Silver & Polyester Thread
Photography by Andrew Barcham

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Happy New Year!
As per usual I've been slack with my blog... So here's something to get it started again in 2013...

"Wishing you had a graffiti decipher app?" 
This Urban Art inspired piece celebrates the colour and beauty of the art presented to us throughout our urban landscape.
Thank you Melbourne street artists for the inspiration!
Now... can you decipher what it says?

Oxidised and polished Sterling Silver, heat coloured Titanium, Keum Boo on Mild Steel (24 Carat Gold Foil), Diamonds.

Photography by Andrew Barcham